We bought the Bed and Breakfast Casa Frances at the turn of the millenium year 2000 and renamed it to underline the new ownership. We bought it from the previous owner for 35 years, the 80 year old Franz Toft Sørensen. We took over the house including all of the furniture. We started immediately to repaint and refurnish the house, but we kept the old look and feel, including the old paintings which some of the artists passing through had made. We were ready in Easter 2000 and we are now ready for our third season. We are looking forward to welcoming new guests again this year

The house has a long history and dates back to 1929 were it was the co-operative house for the local fishermen. Since then the house has been through several 'rebuildings', but the house still posesses many of the original features including the thick walls inparts of the house.

After the export of fish was stopped the house changed use into a Bed and Breakfast for the tourists coming to Løkken among those are well known Danes such as Erik Larsen (painter), Marqius de Sade and several other - unknown - artists.