Charlotte 29, is educated in an office but has always dreamt of owning or working in a hotel. She was born and raised in Korsør on Zealand on a little farm, she has been abroad as an Au-Pair girl in Belgium and since worked in Copenhagen with accounting and administration, she speaks french, english, german and "scandinavian".

Kristian 37, is trained on a plumbing warehouse and has worked at the famous Aalborg Aquavite company as chief accountant. He has learned a little about the irish culture after spending 9 months living in Dublin, and has since travelled around Europe for 3 years as an internal auditor. More recently he has held several positions as Finance Manager's in Copenhagen. Kristian was born and raised on a small farm in the surroundings of Aalborg.

Charlotte and Kristian are newly married in year 2001.

Right now we are on new adventures but we are always ready during the summer to give our guests a good experience in the wonderful City of Løkken.